Liferay Portal Development

Liferay Portal Development

Liferay is a lightweight and open-source platform that offers a flexible design with an excellent product manifestation. It's one of the most secure and reliable platforms that provides unique customer experiences through all devices. Businesses that are looking to deliver a unified customer experience to their customers can rely on Liferay because it offers a personalized experience and provides an option that'll enable them to integrate their business functioning and tools.

At I-SYSMATION Business, we have a team of dedicated Liferay developers who work round the clock to deliver the most customized and suitable enterprise-level Liferay development solution. They can also map your requirement and develop the ideal plugin that suits your business needs.

Our assortment of Liferay development solutions:

Portal Development Consultation: We validate, implement, tailor, integrate and deploy Liferay services to enhance proficiency and effectiveness of the application environment.

Liferay Customization Services: We can also customize an existing Liferay portal to how you want it. Additionally, we can help you create a new one as needs demand.

Liferay Integration Services: We incorporate Liferay services with client-side services which entails integration with LDAP, Salesforce, social media platform java based software, etc.

Liferay Migration Services: We also oversee the migration from other platforms to Liferay, including enhanced and additional features as well. Additionally, we also spearhead the migration to other platforms.

Liferay Upgrade Services: We can also help to upgrade your existing Liferay portal 6.X/5.X to Liferay DXP EE or Liferay 7 CE to transform your organization. The state-of-the-art Liferay 7 CE offers many huge performance benefits and out-of-the-box enterprise portal features like enhanced UI/UX, Portlets Standards Supports, and OSGi modularization.

Liferay Implementation Services: We also develop, design and deploy Liferay portal-based enterprise solutions that'll match your business requirement using the most suitable UI, theme-based portal.

Support and Maintenance Services: Our Liferay support and maintenance services are synonymous with reliability, excellence and stress-free business functioning.

Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us

  • We offer well-structured, cutting edge cloud-based enterprise portals that are compatible with various databases and servers
  • Our Liferay developers are dedicated, proficient, and they have solid years of amassed development experience in Hibernates, Springs, Springs MVC, and Portal Technology.
  • Our flexible hiring model helps us to select talents that will be the best fit for your business needs.
  • Every of the project we accept is delivered on a turnkey basis
  • Our customizable and well-structured global delivery approach and stretchy work time help us to offer the most bespoke and personalized Liferay solutions.
  • We also have substantial experience in the most updated technologies that are at the heart of Liferay development services like Hadoop, JackRabbit, and Lucene.

Java Application Development

Java Application Development

In addition to the Liferay portal development service, we also offer a java application development service.

We have a team of proficient and talented Java developers who're skilled at creating high-end and scalable Java applications. We're proficient in Java programming, and we consider your business demands and specifications to create a correctly customized java solution.

As a software development company that is knowledgeable in java web application development, we've delivered our java development services all around various industry vertices including food, media, e-commerce, finance, entertainment, real estate, banking, and many more. Our Java web development services have helped us to cater to the development needs of businesses with varying modes of operation and sizes.

We remain updated with the continually advancing java programming technologies so that we can offer practical java web services which meet the quality standards in the industry. Keeping our creativity and innovation at work, we dole out java solutions through a practical approach.

We’re not confined to a single platform but focused on delivering outstanding java development solutions. We build Java-based applications which run on both mobile and desktop devices and across various Java platforms like Micro Edition, Standard Edition, and Java Cards. Our java solutions promise ROI and high level of quality; we bet you that you'll not be disappointed.


Our Technology Based Java Development Services

  • Java Application Development
  • JEE Development
  • Java Application Re-engineering
  • Architecture Design and Analysis

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability and Robustness
  • Dynamic and Out-of- The-Box Solutions
  • Tailor-Made Solutions for Unique Business
  • Regular Updates About the Progress
  • Consistent Communications
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Worked in Versatile Business Segments
  • Creativity Blended with Latest Technology
  • Confidentiality of Crucial Business Info
  • Lucrative Results Which Meet your Budget
  • Commitment to Deadlines

Why You Should Trust Us

  • We design and develop lightweight, secure, extensible, cost-effective, easily maintainable and well-designed web applications using different java frameworks.
  • We're experts at using build tools like Maven and Ant, continuous integration tools like Jenkins
  • We're experts at servlets, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, JSF, and etc. alongside desktop applications
  • High degree of proficiency in building new java application architecture and migrating already existing applications to a separately different architecture
  • We use technologies like Ajax, Angular JS, ExtJS and jQuery, etc. for faster response time and better performance of web-based applications
  • We have significant experience in Java application performance alteration using JVM tuning and Caching

To know more about how our Java development services, solutions and how it can help your business to grow beyond its horizon and exceed the set goals, please get in touch with us today.

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

OFBiz is the fastest progressing ERP solution and business software available in the market today. It has a unified suite of business application that covers all business needs from E-commerce/Website, to inventory, accounting, and manufacturing, all effortlessly incorporated.

  • Are you weary of finding the ideal ERP solution for your business?
  • Are you scared that spending in ERP will dish out tons of your business profits?
  • Are you exhausted of keeping track of your daily business processes with different disintegrated tools?
  • Are you looking to get an ERP that meets your business requirements and not just one which has tons of features that aren't essential for your business?
  • Are you scared that a new ERP software will be complicated and difficult for your team members to learn?
  • Are you scared that the investment in your current ERP software will go bad whenever you want to scale up your business?

If any of the questions asked pertains to you then with our ERP solutions, you'll no longer be scared of anything again.

At I-SYSMATION Business, we have a team of OFBiz functional and technical consultants and professionals who are always available to meet the OFBiz customization needs of our clients. We work hand in hand with each of our clients to offer end-to-end OFBiz customization and implementation support.

Our OFBiz Services include:

  • OFBiz Implementation, Roll-out & Hosting
  • OFBiz Customization Services
  • OFBiz Consultation Services
  • OFBiz Development Services
  • OFBiz User Training Services
  • OFBiz Integration Services
  • OFBiz Maintenance & Support Services
  • OFBiz Migration Services
  • OFBiz Training Services
  • OFBiz Modification and re-engineering of the existing applications.

Value Proposition

  • We have a dedicated, experienced OFBiz development team and OFBiz testing team with rich skill and proficiency in the development and improvement of OFBiz frameworks and its module
  • Flexible engagement models that'll suit the business needs of our clients
  • Affordable OFBiz customization and development solutions, services
  • In-house application development framework to speedily deliver projects

Why We Believe in OFBiz

Fastest Development Time: OFBiz will make it very easy for you to achieve a standardized business process in the speediest time pace. The OFBiz app can be entirely customized to meet your unique needs, and it's also not difficult to configure and integrate with third party software

Empowers Business: OFBiz will help you to make informed and effective business decisions. It has a centralized database that supports all existing apps.

Next Generation ERP Software: OFBiz is an up-to-date and modern technology with close to about 2 million users using it to run their business.

One Solution for Multiple Business Types: ERP solutions suits all types, sizes and industries alike. It has modules for Trading, Manufacturing or even Service industries. It fits both small business and big business equally and all kinds of industries like Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Telecom, Hotels, Education and many more - it offers many modules that can perfectly suit your business needs.

Many Modules Available for Business: OFBiz is truly comprehensive for your business because it has comprehensive modules and a plethora of functionalities.

To get more information about how our ERP solutions can help you, please get in touch with us.